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The Pymouth Barracuda: Chrysler's Original Two-Door Pony Car

With rumors of the development of a new type of sport compact car - a car that would eventually become the legendary Ford Mustang - Chrysler sought to modify one of their own cars - the Valiant - in an effort to compete in the new segment. While it can be argued that the Barracuda didn't truly succeed in doing so until the introduction of the second-generation Barracuda in 1967, all Barracuda's are sought-after by collectors today. The third-generation 'Cuda shared the E-body platform with its cousin, the 1st generation Dodge Challenger.

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The Barracuda is rightly remembered as one of the most fun, affordable, and successful muscle cars. A true gem of its era, and highly sought after by collectors today. The rest of our 'Cuda coverage is below.

Free-to-Download High-Resolution 1974 Plymouth Barracuda Wallpapers Alongside its twin, the 1974 Dodge Challenger, the 1974 Plymouth Barracuda was killed at the end of Q1, with production ending April 1, 1974.... Read More
Free-to-Download High-Resolution 1973 Plymouth Barracuda Wallpapers The 1973 Barracuda was effectively unchanged from the 1972 model year. Like the ’72 Challenger, the ’72 Barracuda was experiencing a noticeable decline in... Read More
Free-to-Download High-Resolution 1972 Plymouth Barracuda Wallpapers The 1972 Barracuda is back to two headlights, with the 1971 Barracuda being the only model year to showcase a four headlight front end.... Read More
Free-to-Download High-Resolution 1971 Plymouth Barracuda Wallpapers The 1971 Barracuda is the only model year of Plymouth Barracuda with four headlights, making it the most desirable version of the third-generation muscle... Read More
Free-to-Download High-Resolution 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Wallpapers 1970 was the year where the magic truly happened. Not only was the Plymouth Barracuda now in its third generation, but the 1st generation... Read More
Free-to-Download High-Resolution 1969 Plymouth Barracuda Wallpapers For 1969, the Plymouth Barracuda was on a tear. It was becoming a more refined version of what the original 1964 Barracuda had meant... Read More