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"New" for 2008, the third generation Dodge Challenger sought to right the wrongs of the rightly-forgotten second generation. The horsepower wars were back. Nostalgia was in. The all-new fifth generation Mustang had set an optimistic car-buying public alight with the desire for retro-themed but contemporarily-appointed muscle. Ford sold nearly 161,000 Mustangs in the USA in 2005, and Chrysler wanted in on the action. With a thunderous 425 hp on tap, the "new" Challenger showed Ford and Chevrolet that Dodge was back... and that the bar had been raised.

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2006 dodge challenger concept
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The third generation Challenger is one of the most popular muscle cars on the road today, selling more than 50,000 cars per year since 2013. Our research centers go deep on model-yer specifics so owners (and prospective owners) can learn more about these awesome cars.

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While the 1st generation Challenger has long been out of production, there are thousands of people the world over with one in their garage... and millions more wishing that there was a Challenger in theirs! Whenever we find something cool about the 1st gerneration Challenger, we'll post it here.