1972 dodge challenger

1972 Dodge Challenger Guide: History, Performance, & More

Listed below are only the changes from the last years production.
Please refer back to previous model years for more detail.


The list of stuff that was no longer available gets very long here. First of all the convertible and Challenger Deputy models were dropped and the R/T was renamed the Rallye. Rallye came with the performance hood and now had dummy air extractors bolted to the front fenders but the shaker was not available. Also dropped was the formal roof option and coloured bumpers. The chrome bumpers were carried over from the late ’71 model.
The same front fenders were fitted to all models and would now take 15 inch wheels but 15 inch wheels were no longer available from the factory.

Photo donated by Mike Dalton
New grilles and tail light panels were designed for ’72 along with a change to the side marker lights. These remained unchanged until production ended in ’74. A Challenger script was placed above the marker light on the quarter-panels. The optional chrome flip – open gas cap was deleted.

Exterior Paint and Stripes

Challengers were painted with acrylic enamel. There was a huge range of colours available to Dodge so there may be the odd car finished in a different colour to the ones listed below. You can see a paint chip chart HERE.

Only two high impact colours were avalible – Hemi Orange (V2) and Top Banana (Y1). Rallye cars had strobe effect stripes leading out of the dummy fender scoops and running down the doors.

1972 Exterior Paint Colours
Paint Code Colour Name Chrysler No. Ditzler No.
A4 Light Gunmetal Met. AY2GA4 2314
B1 Blue Sky AY1HB1 2424
B3 Basin Street Blue AY1TB3 2423
B5 Bright Blue Met. AY2GB5 2306
E5 Bright Red AY1FE5 213
F3 Med. Green Met. AY2GF3 2316
F7 Dark Green Met. AY2GF7 2317
T6 Tan AY2HT6 242
T8 Dark Tan Met. AY2HT8 2425
V2 Hemi-Orange AY2EV2 218
W1 White AY1EW1 2033
X9 Black AY1TX9 9300
Y1 Top Banana AY1FY1 2211
Y4 Gold AY2GY4 2310
Y8 Gold Met. AY2GY8 2307
Y9 Dark Gold Met. AY2GY9 2311


Vinyl Top

Only black, white or green for this year.


Vinyl bucket seats were the standard. Leather or cloth inserts could not be ordered.
The Rallye instrument cluster was optional on the base Challenger but came as standard on the Rallye. The steering wheel was the same on all models and was a polished two-spoke unit.

Interior colours were Bright Blue, Dark Green, White, Black and Gold.


11 inch brakes were dropped.

Wheels and Tyres

14 x 5.5 inch Chrome Road and Rallye wheels were still optional but 15 inch wheels were no longer available from the factory. 15 inch styled wheels could be ordered as a dealer installed option with heavy duty suspension / power disc brakes. There was no trim ring supplied and the spare wheel was a standard steel item.

The center cap on the Rallye wheel was made larger and brightly plated.

1972 Challenger Tyres
Engine Standard With Disc Brakes Optional Recommended Brand
225 7.35×14 F78x14 F78x14 F70x14* Goodyear(F70)/Firestone(7.35)
318 F78x14 F78x14 F70x14* Goodyear
340 F70x14 F70x14 E60x15** Goodyear Polyglas GT

* Only with heavy duty suspension. ** Only with power front disc brakes, dealer installed.


Good news was that the 198 6 cyl. engine was dropped with the Challenger Deputy. Not so good was the news that the big blocks were also dropped. Monster power died this year. R.I.P.

This left the 340 cu. in. V8 as the top dog and it came as standard in the Rallye.

Option code Size (cu. in.) Size (c.c.) Type Carb. Net Power (B.H.P.)
C 225 3688 6 CYL. 1 bbl. 110
G 318 5212 V8 2 bbl. 150
H 340 5573 V8 4 bbl. 240


Transmission and Drivetrain

A three speed manual was standard with a 4 speed or an automatic optional. The 7.25 and 9.75 inch rear axles were both dropped. A 3.23:1 ratio 8.75 inch axle was standard on the Rallye with a 3.55:1 “sure grip” limited slip unit optional.


Avalible options for the 1972 model are listed below. Please refer back to the 1970 page for a discription of each option.

Light Package ( A01)

Basic Group (A04)

Performance Axle Package (A36)

Floor Console (C16)

Rear Window Defroster (H31)

Air Con. (H51)

Body Sill Mouldings (M25)

Power Sunroof (M51)


1972 Production Figures


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