Links to other Mopar sites

440's Place
A very comprehensive site.

The Winged Warriors/National B-body Association
Affiliated with the Mopar Muscle Association UK.

The 1962 to 1965 Mopar Web Site
Dear Santa. Could I please have a red '65 Hemi Super Stock Dodge this xmas please? I have been a VERY good boy!

The Chrysler Turbine Car Page
Mark Olson was sixteen when his parents were chosen to test drive the Chrysler Turbine.

The RAMM Mailing List
This low volume mailing list has strict rules and is for classic and performance Mopars only.

Scott Hill Racing
Scott is a hero. Plus he also has a very good collection of (mostly) mopar muscle cars including a Hemi Challenger and an original '68 Super Stock HemiCuda.

Mopar Alley Automobile Club
Photos, information, lists and links.

JimBob's Mopar Site
A page here for every Mopar taste

Kowalski's Home Page
Everything you ever wanted to know about the film 'Vanishing Point'. This guy also owns some very cool Mopars.

Ed Saxmans '65 Bacaruda
Beautiful '65 Baracuda mild custom.

Greg Wards Cars Of Interest
Restoration and VIN decoding of '69 - '74 A, B and E bodies. Production No.s etc. TA/AAR page.

Mopar- Ed's Restoration Parts
A commercial site with some E-Body stuff.

David Bell's Mopar Page
Mopars and Lamborghinis.

Keith Winfree's Page O' Chargers, etc...
Keith owns one of the original "Dukes of Hazzard" cars from the T.V. series.

The Australian Chryslers Webring
Australian Chargers and the like. I used to have one.

Classified Ads

The Aero Warriors Web Page
Superbirds and Daytonas.

The Dallas Mopar Web Community
Huge Mopar links page.
Aims to be the ultimate Mopar links page. Includes the Chronicles of Anthony Young and a message board.

Mr Norm's Sport Club
The Legendary Grand Spaulding Dodge Club is back!

The E-Body Registary
And the Home of the Mopar Lost and Found! Run by Gary Hergert.

Vanishing Point Mania
Model Cars, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Baseball Caps, Bumper Stickers, Movie Posters, and the Video.